We recently had Enviro CookWORX host an extra-curricular activity at lunch in our school. I was so impressed by the variety of recipes the students made, not to mention how they made it     all  work in a short lunch hour. All recipes were nicely packaged and the ingredients displayed for parents to see. Lara & Antoinette are wonderful with the students and the students looked forward to their next recipe every week. Thank you to Lara & Antoinette.”

Laura Sulano – Coordinator – St. John Fisher School –  Senior


“I just wanted to say how much my children enjoyed the “Eco-products” activity today in the library. My son, who is 8, had a huge smile on his face as he was mixing up the homemade bathsalts, and my daughter loved creating the cleaning spray, complete with a toy dinosaur in the bottle! … Keep up the great work!”

Parents of children participating at an Enviroartworx workshop at Town of Mont Royal Library

“Dear Antoinette and Lara,

I really enjoyed doing these projects! These projects and your kindness make me think that Friday is like 100 months away! I don’t dislike anything.

(Love one of your students in grade 4) – Kristen from École Royal Vale School – Montréal

“This is so much fun, we love this, can we work at your company when we grow up?”

Group of students from École Elizabeth Ballantyne – Montréal West

“I really like your program, and I hope we do more fun stuff!”

Hana from École Royal Vale School – Montréal


“My son and daughter both took the enviroartworx courses at Royal Vale. They both really enjoyed it, loved making environmentally friendly products, free of chemicals and were thrilled to show my husband and I what they had made. We were very impressed! Last week they both made terrariums and they were awesome! Your creativity and ability to engage the kids in environmentally friendly artwork and teach them the importance about caring for the planet is admirable. Keep up the great work!”
 Parent of students from Royal Vale Elementary School


If you have something great to share with everyone about EnviroARTWORX don’t forget to email us at enviroartworx@gmail.com or go to our Contact Us page and fill out our form. We also welcome any other comments, thoughts, recommendations and ideas.

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One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Lara and Antionette offer a very unique and refreshing approach to creativity with their design and delivery of environmentally friendly activities. Not only are the kids having fun and making beautiful and purposeful projects, they are learning, through a hands-on approach, about the importance of taking care of our planet while developing environmentally friendly behaviors and attitudes which will serve them through their lifetime.

    Belinda Magee

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