ENVIROWORXHealthy for the Environment & You too !

Would you like to make lip balm or a bubbly shampoo? Students will have fun learning about & creating environmentally safe, simple & natural products that are found in their home. They will learn how to combine ingredients on their own & work as a team. They will also get a little Marketing 101, learning to brand & decorate their own packaging to take home or give as a gift! (*All materials are included – NOTE: This is a NUT FREE workshop. This is NOT A VEGAN workshop and may contain bee products & other allergenic ingredients, please inquire in advance).

GARDENWORX Grow Your Own Indoor Herb Garden !

Be a green thumb and make the world a more beautiful place. A workshop for students all ages. They will work individually or in a group setting, students will learn a little 101 on each weeks indoor herb. They will plant, decorate & learn about how to maintain plants in their own home. Each week a different plant, project or herb to spice things up. What better project: Edible & keeps the air clean!  (*All materials included).


Did you want to learn how to do a saddle stitch, a blanket stitch and more! Make your favourite characters come alive on a wall chart, a bookmark, a stuffy or perhaps a cover for the i-pad! Learn tips and tricks from sewing buttons to ribbons and more. It is sew much fun! (*All materials included).

 COOK-WORX Delicious, Edible & HEALTHY – YUM !

Imagine taking your taste-buds around the world from Italy, Armenia and even Down under Australia! COOK-WORX believes in pro-healthy lifestyle and we believe we can make absolutely delicious foods that will make you go yum! This program will not only teach children amazing and unbelievably delicious alternatives from spreads, dips, seasonal produce, cooked and raw foods that are often local, organic or roof top grown, they will also learn about growing fresh herbs and how to use them in their edible creations to take home and recreate to impress! (*All materials included).

 MAMAWORX – naturalLy scrumptious products for mom-to-be !

Introducing MAMAWORX through much demand, because we believe in a HEALTHY MAMA = HEALTHY BABY. A lot of store brought products from natural to the brand name we know have ingredients that are questionable with preservatives, petrochemicals and other scary ingredients that could potentially harm Mama and growing baby! We want to bring totally scrumptious, natural and unbelievably spectacular & simple to do Mama beautiful recipes that will take care of the Mom-to-be and their soon to arrive bundle of joy. (*All materials included).

ARTWORX Discover a World of Cultures & More Galore !

Imagine a princess puppet that turns into a pirate, or a gold speckled bearded opera mask from the orient, feel like a queen in dazzling jewellery or what about painting like Van gogh or perhaps Picasso! We bring imagination to the fingertips of children. The possibilities are endless, so come join us on this crafty and artsy adventure! (*All materials are included).


YOGAWORX Make your mind and body smile !

Become a cobra or turn into an astronaut! Be as tall as a tree, as silent as a mountain and swim in the sea with the turtles. Experience yoga with a twist of fun! YOGAworx by Anja will make you move and flex your body in a dynamic and fun way. Give your brain a rest after a long day of writing, calculating and discussing. Your muscles and bones will feel so happy and relaxed too! (*No equipment required).

*All workshops programs are tailored accordingly for older children, teenagers & adults


Age Groups:      Pre-School, Elementary, Teens, Adults all ages.

Duration:           1 – 2 hour sessions (multi workshops or singular PED or special interest days)

Size:                 Minimum 8 – Max 40 per class

Program:          Includes at least 1 theme/activity per session

Costs:               Please inquire as cost per session & group varies.

We supply all the materials & come to your location. At each workshop there are at least two qualified staff to make the EnviroARTWORX experience a fun, motivating & harmonious one.

Any other ideas, let us know & we can make it happen !

We are the first & original environmental arts company servicing schools, libraries, corporations & beyond…

 All concepts, text, ideas & information  © EnviroARTWORX 2014

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