If your school, library, corporate office are  interested in having an EnviroARTWORX workshop or series of workshops come to your location please contact us at and ask about the required forms for your particular venue.

We request at least 2 (two) week pre-booking time and confirmation of venue, time and approximate number and age of participants.

We offer 1 to 2 hour workshops. Please understand due to the nature of the EnviroARTWORX activities, we strongly suggest 1 activity per hour is chosen and all advertising within the school or location adheres to this suggestion.

All other particulars are outlined in our contracts and forms once you decide to book with us.

Don’t forget EnviroARTWORX is available for PED Days, Extracurricular Activities, Corporate, Birthday Parties and much, much more…

We are the first & original environmental arts company servicing schools, libraries, corporations & beyond…

 All concepts, text, ideas & information  © EnviroARTWORX 2014

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