About Us

From the Land Down Under and a Local Montrealer, two moms, with over 45years combined experience co-ordinating and teaching children through to adults from schools, to libraries and art galleries. Combined our vast skill set allows us to confidently teach and inspire children to make a change, with our main mission being Environmentally Friendly Crafts, however it doesn’t stop there, as a duo we also take pride that we are a one stop shop and can also provide Culturally Stimulating Arts that will take the students on a worldly adventure.

about antoinetTe

A mother of two teenaged girls, a local Montrealer that has worked with kids for over 30 years.From working directly with kids to co-ordinating a variety of programs in schools and day camps, I have been involved with children from age 2 to teenagers. I enjoy enlightening our children, showing and giving them the confidence they are looking for which will be a benefit to them as they become adults. My goal along with my partner Lara is to inspire our future leaders to become aware of their environment and make this world a healthier environment for all of us.

About lara

A mother of three little munchkins, from the land of kangaroos, I have lived in the middle of Canada too having worked at the Art Gallery of Alberta as an Arts instructor for little kids through to adults amongst many other wonderful creative positions, before moving to Montreal in 2009. My career path dates back to the 1990’s in fashion down under and progressed into art & design as well as teaching & reviewing children’s educational materials. Now one half of the mompreneur duo of EnviroARTWORX.com as well as aspiring author, editor and workshop presenter.  My mission along with Antoinette is to help children and everyone around them become environmentally friendly, culturally open, healthy and smart!

We are the first & original environmental arts company servicing schools, libraries, corporations & beyond…

 All concepts, text, ideas & information  © EnviroARTWORX 2014

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